Welcome on this Australian holiday picture page
Welkom op de foto pagina van de Ozzie's,

A new selection from the latest pictures we made in Ozz. Have a blessed and prosperious new year and C ya all later,...
Een nieuwe selectie van de allerlaatste foto's vanuit Australie en een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar.

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We on a purple lake, Saltlake border, Jur and Pat walking, Kangaroo's along the road, Marco enjoying the view, Nature's window in kalbarri, Red Kangaroo, Roo on the rocks, Jumping Roo

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The three of us on a salty lake somewere before Kalbarri.

Saltlake beach border, just another beautiful picture.

Jurgen and Patrick walking a bit around, the Lake's surface was to bright to look at without sunglasses..

Kangaroo's along the rough road in Kalbarri Nat. park, just a big surprise during twilight.

Marco on a bench, enjoying the silent environment and awesome view

Nature's window, a rare rock formation shaped by the wind in a look through window.

Red Kangaroo in the park, we tried to come as close as possible.

The same 'Red-Roo' looking at us from the rocky wall.

He's running away, we came a bit to close. Amazing jumpers those guy's.

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